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Functions and Therapeutic Applications of Venom Proteins

Christian Bharathi*, Syed Ibrahim

Centre for Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University - 605014

Venomous animals are a serious threat to the life of victims both animal and human and 1.45 million people around the world are affected by snake bite. As per the report of Kasturiratne et al. 2008, annually 20,000-94,000 deaths are recorded globally and the main reason is untreated (especially in poor countries) due to expensive of antivenoms and the limitation and complication of the drugs. Targeting the toxins which cause the serious or immediate death can be neutralized by new effective drugs thus can save the victims and large scale production can lead to the easy available to all people. On the other hand, understanding the biochemical property of venom will help us to treat the envenomation, as well as some specific functional toxin molecule with protein engineering, can be developed as a lifesaving drug. This article gives a glimpse of the venom proteins and their functional properties and the list of drugs approved from animal toxins. The overall study focused on the functional specificity of the venom proteins, molecular evolution with their biological importance which can be targeted for treatment and developing drugs from the proteins.

Keywords: Hyaluronidase, Myotoxin, Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cancer Growth

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