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Environmental Friendly Novel Synthesis Route for CdS Quantum Dots

V.P. Devarajan1,2,*, D. Nataraj2, P. Periasamy3, K. Vidhya4, T. Pazhanivel2,5, Y.A. Syed Khadar1

1Department of Physics, KSR College of Arts & Science for Women, Tiruchengode, Namakkal – 637 215, Tamilnadu, India

2Thin Films & Nanomaterials Laboratory, Department of Physics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641 046, Tamilnadu

3Department of Physics, Excel college of Engineering and Technology, Kumarapalayam, Namakkal – 637 303, Tamilnadu, India

4Department of Physics, Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem – 636 016, Tamilnadu, India

5Department of Physics, Periyar University, Salem – 636 011, Tamilnadu, India

In the present work, we have made an attempt to prepare the CdS QDs using novel simple chemical route under room temperature such as uncapped and polymer capped CdS QDs. Further their structural and optical properties were investigated through XRD, TEM, FTIR, UV-VIS and PL techniques. From the XRD analysis, a cubic-hexagonal crystal structure was observed. From the HRTEM analysis, a well grown spherical shaped surface morphology was observed with their sizes 3-5 nm. From the FTIR analysis, the interaction between L-cysteine and CdS QD were confirmed. From the UV analysis, an enhanced absorption nature was observed due to the quantum confinement effect. From the PL analysis, a blue-shifted emission behavior was observed due to the small-sized particles. Hence, the prepared CdS QDs are suitable for opto-electronic as well as bio-imaging applications. Hence, their observed interesting results are discussed in detail.

Keywords: CdS, Fluorescent quantum dots, Environmental friendly route

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