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Investigation on synthesis, growth and physical characterization of CdGa2Se4 single crystal by modified vertical Bridgman method

P. Vijayakumar*, M. Magesh, P. Ramasamy

Centre for Crystal Growth, Dept. of Physics, SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam-603110, Tamilnadu, India

CdGa2Se4 polycrystalline material was synthesized by meltoscillation method. Good quality CdGa2Se4 single crystal was grown by modified vertical Bridgman method. The crystalline phase and growth orientation were confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction pattern and unit cell parameters were confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis.The stoichiometric compositions of CdGa2Se4 were measured using energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS). The structural uniformity of CdGa2Se4 was studied using Raman scattering spectroscopy at room temperature. The transmission spectrum of CdGa2Se4single crystal was achieved in the near IR region andthe absorption edge of the material is near 680 nm.The calculated optical band gap is 1.8 eV. Thermal property of CdGa2Se4 has been studied using differential thermal analysis (DTA).Thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity were measured. Electrical property was measured using Hall Effect measurement and it confirms the n-type semiconducting nature. Photoconductivity measurements with different temperatures have confirmed the positive photoconducting behavior.

Keywords: A1. Characterization, A2. Growth from melt, B1. Inorganic compounds, B2. Nonlinear optic materials, B2.Semiconducting indiumcompounds

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